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Classic Porsche's Ready To Enjoy

At Air Cooled Classic Cars we pride ourselves in knowing Classic Porsches and how to keep them true to their heritage. There is something very unique about a Vintage Porsche and we recognize that at Air Cooled Classic Cars. When we restore a classic Porsche we pay close attention to every detail. From the correct side mirror to the correct carpet binding material used for that model year.

Porsche changed parts based on the year and we make sure to put them back to the way Porsche intended. Whether you're looking for an un-restored Classic Porsche with Patina or a Vintage Porsche that looks like it just came off the showroom floor we can help. We buy and Sell Classic Porsches and do all types of restoration work. From small jobs to complete nuts and bolts restorations we do it all at Air Cooled Classic Cars.