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Restoring Porsches While Keeping Them True To Their Heritage

David Navon has been buying and restoring Classic Porsches since 2007. His first Porsche was purchased when he was 21 years old in 1991. It was a 1983 911 SC Targa. Long after that he purchased his first Classic Porsche which was a 1957 356 Speedster. A long dream car for him after first seeing the car in the Eddie Murphy Movie 48 Hours.

Since then dozens of Classic Porsches were purchased restored and sold. Originally just doing it as a hobby with the intention of never selling the cars. David realized that he wasn't in a position to keep every Classic Porsche he bought and restored. With the realization that his passion is restoring Classic Porsches he has learned to not get attached to them as long as he can sell them to someone who will truly appreciate the Classic Porsche as he does.

Air Cooled Classics was formed to carry out David Navon's passion. Air Cooled Classics is a small dealership offering Vintage Porsches to the public.